Sky Vegas Gold Rush


Many countries throughout the world have endured periods where migrants flocked to move within their borders to take part in a gold rush. It is easy to understand why the gold rushes would be so appealing, considering that many gold hunters were down on their luck and in need of some lucrative resources. Sky Vegas has launched a brand new gold rush as of the summer of 2013, and for this week only. The Gold Rush is only going to still be running until midnight on Sunday (28 July) which means that time is running out on snagging a share of the £2,500 prize fund.

£500 to the Winner
The name of the promo was selected because the prom is to be focused on an ace gold-themed slot game. Gold Strike is the name of the slot that will see you searching for gold with an old miner and his friendly brown mule. There are more than 100 prizes that can be won from this promo, so understandably it is looking mighty appealing to the players of Sky Vegas. The top prize within the promo is the impressive amount of £500, which is waiting to make the summer even brighter for one lucky winner.

Grow Your Winnings
This promo works on the basis that it will track all of the winnings that you generate from playing Lucky Strike. Sky Vegas will add all of the amounts of you winnings spins to keep track of all the money you have generated during the promo. You can enter and get started by entering the promo code ‘GOLD’ within your Sky Vegas account or else by claiming the promo from within the page for Gold Strike. Don’t forget that you need to wager a minimum of £1 for your spin to be eligible for accounting for your overall total.

Last Days of £1k Hidden Gems Promo
This is a reminder that the Hidden Gems promo will be finishing this Thursday (25 July). There is a £1,000 prize fund to be won, and you can secure a share by wagering £5 on the mobile slots Crown Jewels, Cubis or Bejeweled. But before you wager on those, enter the promo code ‘GEMS’ within the ‘Bonus Bet’ section once you are accessing ‘My Account’. Sky Vegas will get in touch with you on Friday to tell you what guaranteed prize you have won – the range is £1 to £100.